Our Approach

G&C DJ Services family business with over 32 years in the entertainment industry. We are proud to work with our clients to help create and build their special day.

Our Goal

Making Your Special Moment Last A Lifetime is our slogan and we stand behind those words by striving to make your experience a memorable one.

Where we service

We currently serve Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Lloydminster, St Paul, Smoky Lake, Lac La Biche and every place in-between.

Why G&C DJ Services?

"Making Your Special Moment Last A Lifetime" 

Every  Event, Wedding, Graduation, Anniversary or Celebration is different. G&C DJ Services has never seen one turn out the exact same way,  yes they can have similarity's, but never the same.

This is the reason we enjoy working as a team with our clients to build your day so it is not the same as the Jones Event or Bakers Wedding.

We all have different visions and this is key to us. We want to hear & see yours.

Listening, sharing and building your day.  event,  celebration is why G&C DJ Services is here for you.

We are proud of how all of our business relationships continue on with our clients after their special day has taken place.

Your day is ours

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Allow us to learn more about what you are looking for, so we build the perfect experience. Let's work together on building your next celebration.